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Opposite blade damper grilles, diffusers and louvers of Air Guide; are first of a kind in Pakistan. Gear type of damper increases efficiency to all new heights and are easy to operate.

Air Guide proudly launched this innovative damper in June 2014 to simplify several issues that comes with traditional MS made black damper. Through gear type technology Air Guide made sure that air leakage in OBD dampers are controlled to a minimum level at the same time keeping accessibility and usability to a friendliest nature, in addition dampers are maneuvered upon gear technology made of ABS plastic showing strongest resistance to any rust or corrosion conditions during its usage.

Sole purpose of OBD-GD is to control air volume which is critical part of any HVAC system for the ability to distribute air as per deemed requirement.

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  • Material: Extruded aluminium profile, aluminium blades, and ABS plastic gears and handle.
  • Construction: Blades are placed upon gears to operate by push command placed by handle lever. Frame is joined by screws and further riveted to outlet air device (diffusers, grilles and louvers).


  • Aluminium No.07 Damper
  • Grill Damper
  • Diffuser Damper



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