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Aluminium Foil Volume Control Damper (VCD-AL) have different construction principals from its counterpart VCD. Aluminium foil damper have aluminium foil blade and G.I. steel frame with principal of opposite blade operation. Volume control is an essential requirement in most ventilation systems. The need to balance the airflow to different areas is as important as the choice of grille or diffuser itself.

Series of Volume Control Dampers (VCD-AL) are excellent general purpose units, suitable for a myriad of applications.

Typically they are used as duct damper to control air flow directly from principal duct. They are constructed from heavy guage (18-16g) of galvanized sheet and have opposite operatable blades controlled by the lever which is deployed on the outside of side way.

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  • Material: Aluminium foil extruded profile blade and G.I. sheet frame.
  • Construction: Blades are placed upon gear to operate by push placed by handle lever. Opposite blade principals are controlled by the lever on the outside of frame.


  • Aluminium Foil Damper
  • Aerofoil Damper


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